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The school board election is important

School boards should not be political. 

School districts do much more than most people realize. They have programs supporting food insecurity, mental health, physical health, special education, and education!

Each of these areas are complicated and expensive. They each represent valuable and important services we require of our schools.

The board of trustees is entrusted to make the hard decisions around how the district manages its limited resources to achieve excellence in each of these areas. 

Being a trustee is a hard job done for no pay. You must be willing and able to dig in to policy details, navigate complex laws and regulations, and maintain an objective and balanced perspective.  That is not easy, and its really important that it not be clouded by short-sided politics.

Delivering the best education to every single child is the goal of the school district. And that requires delicately balancing an array of information and community input.  The complex compromises required when making decisions often makes people think they were not heard.  Looking deeper you see that the board of trustees is a careful deliberative group that does an amazing job of studying the facts, balancing community input, and working to provide the best possible education for all children.

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